My Number One Sales Psychology Tip

Understand the psychology of every top salesperson and use this as part of your sales strategy every day.

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  1. Mind set of both salesperson and customer instrumental in the road to a successful sale – need to be on the same ‘wave length’ to create desire and build value for the product. You need to have the confidence when asking for the business, that the mind-set is right for an affirmative YES answer and all barriers have been removed that could be regarded as negative. If the mind-set is wrong, wild horses will not create a successful outcome.

    Body language is paramount – both physically and verbally as this can be detrimental or instrumental to success. The way we speak on the phone can reflect the posture and physical body language in both positive and negative mannerisms. An enthusiastic and cheerful body language combined with polite, pleasant and structured two way conversation, is a good way to conduct proceedings. Answering relevant questions in a knowledgeable manner, will also give confidence to presentation and in turn, the correct body language will instantly follow suit! RM

    Richard Montgomery
  2. The smallest changes can work wonders, in this very tough climate any help is much appreciated, I watched the video put the tips from this first video into action and sold three cars the following day, roll on the next video.
    Cheers Rob!

    Ben Russell
  3. The positive attitude is so right, but it’s also so easy! It soon becomes automatic.

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