The No1 Body Language Tip to Boost Your Sales

Learn the number one body language tactic that can boost your sales.

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  1. Rob
    it certainly works I was nodding just watching your video

    paul summerscales
  2. Cheers Rob – short and to the point, a bit like the 2 minutes that matter when the minister has to deliver his 15 minute sermon!
    Absolutely, nodding along with you, when you asked if we nodded to our customers during the sales process. Seems to be a natural mirror image, that reflects moving to the next stage with a customer, throughout the buying cycle – confirming that customers agree with what is being discussed and we are good to move on.

    You know very well that we all face challenges when moving through the various stages of the Sales Process. If I did not have the occasional blip along the way, I would not be here selling cars and trying to Improve my hit rate by listening to your training blogs – I would be sailing the Carribbean! Practice does not always make perfect as we all know, no matter what experience we have under the belt. Looking forward to Part 3. R.M.

    Richard Montgomery
  3. Hi Rob,
    Love the blogs and previous tips and articles which always leave food for thought. The nodding tip has been out there for years but like everyone in sales its amazing how many times we forget the best practices and processes.
    If anyone is in doubt about the power of “the nod” then check out Derren Brown the entertainer on his powers to get people to do what he wants. His nodding technique has almost become a nervous tic………..but it works.

    Thanks Again


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